Thursday, 16 July 2015

Crazy cat lady or crazy fox lady?

It dawned on me today that my mum is truly a crazy cat lady. (I mean the signs have always been there, 6 cats, the endless supply of treats, the fact she will go out of her way to make them comfortable) However she doesn't just love cats she seems to have developed a love for two foxes that visit our house every single day! The foxes alternate their visits. They either come together or once at a mum seems to think its her duty to go out especially to  buy food for these foxes. I mean they are cute! But its getting kinda obsessive.
With out doubt every single day they stroll down our path and just sit outside our house, waiting for my mum to come along and feed them. I can't deny that they are adorable! Because they truly are, the cats seem to not be fazed by them either. Which just adds more bonus's on the list for my mum.

Ive heard a lot of negative comments about foxes and that you shouldn't feed them because they are vicious. Despite the comments they have not shown any signs of adverse behaviour. Which makes me wonder why some act out and others are just well normal. Ive also been reading a lot of things about David Cameron wanting to revoke the ban on fox hunting..which makes me sad! The thought of men going out with the intentions to kill foxes is an awful picture. I know its just a small thing to some people but the fact the human race has made an impact regarding the fight to stop animal cruelty and now they just want to take ten steps back! Which is annoying.. I just feel that its unnecessary to go out and kill these animals when the majority of them don't do anything bad to anyone. 

Everyone has their own opinions on matters such as these and someone will always disagree with other individuals, so id love to hear your views on fox hunting! You can reach me on my social media sites below: 

Bye for now..J x

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