Saturday, 30 May 2015

Favourite clothing store Q&A!

So this post is actually a collab with Amy, over at: 
We have decided to do a little Q&A to do with our favourite clothing store Primark. We both tweeted a few days ago asking for you guys to come up with questions we could answer.. This is what you all came up with!

1: If Primark didn't exist what would your favourite shop be?

Id probably say Newlook, I love Newlook and everything about their clothes. They are a lot different to Primark and thats probably why I love both them. 

2: Whats your favourite department in Primark? 

I honestly can't pick, I like the majority of departments there! Including their homeware, sleepwear and clothes. Although I've never actually brought any shoes from I don't think they'd be worth it.

3: Do you think Primark is good value for money?

I think so yes. They are fair for what you're getting. 

4: When was the last time you went to Primark?

On Wednesday actually!

5: Do you think the quality is good/bad?

Well, I wouldn't say its excellent. But I think for what your paying for is acceptable.

6: Whats the customer service like?

I think it alls depends on what store you go to! The ones near my home the staff are lovely. Although every time I visit the store in Lakeside I find the staff are so rude.

7: Do you think the clothes are in trend?

Yes, they frequently change what they in stock to fit the new craze.

8: Do you ever feel guilty after spending a large amount of money in there?

I don't feel guilty when I spend money anywhere! I actually feel the opposite. 

9: Do you think Primark will evolve even more? 

Im not sure.. I think they've reacher their peak to be honest.

10: Do you think the clothes are a good fit?

Well some things yes, but sometimes I have to purchase some clothes a size bigger.

11: Have you ever been put of going in there?

Yes! Once I was in a class at school and we was watching documentaries about slavery and how Primark make young children in under privileged countries spend hours and hours making the clothes. It made me really emotional actually. I was really effected and disheartened.. I had to leave the class. Although I found out it wasn't just Primark that does this, Its also other big companies. But when I thought about it.. I realised they if they didn't have the chance to produce these clothes they would probably be in a worse state. So now I don't feel so bad when I go in there.

12: Do you think they sell a varied amount of stuff in Primark? 

Yes definitely, Primark is a like a little department store.

13: Do you enjoy going in there?

I do when there isn't masses of people in there and when I'm not being rushed!

14: Would you recommend Primark to people who haven't been there before?

Yes defo! Its great. They sell so many different things..

15: Why is Primark your favourite shop?

Because it is just great! They sell everything you could want..dresses,home decor, shoes, underwear, makeup, accessories! Absolutely everything. Its amazing, the prices are so cheap as well! So you don't have to worry about that. I just love going shopping especially when theres a Primark nearby!

I hope you enjoy my blog post and you go over and check out Amy's Q&A post! Because she's great and so is her blog!

Bye for now..J x

Friday, 29 May 2015

Lush product review!

 Seeing my basket full of lush products excites me! Recently I brought some new products and I wanted to do a review on the bubble bar 'The comforter' 

- Lush, The comforter £4.75

This is one of the best bubble bars lush makes. Its smells amazing! It smells like sherbet and blackcurrants like a majority of their products.  I will get at least 4 baths out of this, because its so big I like to break it into sections. Which is actually really good! Most people think its over priced..although I think the price is bang on. Its good value for money and its a good quality product. When crumbled into a bath it smells heavenly. I love the scent so much. It turns the bath the most beautiful pink colour. Even a quarter of it produces a large amount of bubbles. After I've bathed I am left feeling clean and my skin is extremely soft. The bathroom also stays smelling great even after the water has been drained. The bar is also easy to crumble and it doesn't take forever to get it in the bath. I have found no fault with this product so far! I will definitely be repurchasing this product once I've run out. Its in with my top 10 favourite products from lush. 

I definitely recommend this bubble bar to anyone who likes sweet fragrances and soft skin. ( Which is mostly everyone lets face it..) 
Don't be thrown of by the size and price because like I've said you can separate it into sections and get at least 4 baths out of this. 

Disclaimer:  These opinions are all my own and I truly believe everything I've written. 

Bye for now..J x

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mini lakeside haul

 I was planning on buying so much stuff at lakeside yesterday, although my mood was dampened with the whole train situation. So I decided to buy a few things yesterday. I decided I wanted to share with you what I did buy. 

- Primark, £5.00 short pj set
Whenever I make a trip to lakeside I always seem to buy a set of new pj's.. although I have to choose wisely, as I only like the feeling of some fabrics. I decided on buying these 'tweet me' pjs shorts and top. Both have little chicks on them with the phrase 'tweet me' on them. They are so adorable! Im really into twitter at the moment. So that probably contributed to my decision on buying them. They are a stretchy material and they are so soft! I love them, I can't wait to wear them. 

- Primark, £3.00 pj shorts
I really really love these shorts..although I had mixed feelings about the top. So I just brought the shorts. They are light weight and the material feels like a cheaper version of silk if I'm honest. What drew me to the shorts were the little bit of lace at the bottom. Its so vintage! I also love the little white hearts. Its also getting hotter, so I am in desperate need of pj shorts. 

- Lush, £2.35 Space girl bath bomb
Going to lush is like a tradition when I go to lakeside. I just have to go..I honestly can't stop myself. Every time I go to lush I immediately go to find the space girl bath bomb. As you are probably aware its my favourite lush product EVER. If you don't know what a bath bomb is you basically run a bath then pop it into the bath and let it fizz away! Then you are left with coloured and lovely smelling water. Its that simple. 

- Lush, £3.35 Granny takes a dip (bath bomb)
I brought this bath bomb on my last trip to lush and I like it a lot. Its got a very subtle scent and I really like it! Because when I'm overwhelmed with one smell it makes me feel sick. So this is just perfect. Its so big! So I normally cut into 4 pieces, as I feel its too much for just one bath. 

- Lush, £2.95 Bubblegrub (bubbleroon)
I didn't actually buy this for myself. Which is surprising..I actually brought it for my mum. I remember her telling me she liked it last time I brought it for her so I got it again. It smells different to the others. They are all sweet but this smells so different. Its a very sandalwoody smell. Bubbleroons are designed to make your bath into bubbly goodness. Which is exactly what it does. It has two layers, so you pull them apart and break a piece off and then crumble it under running water. It will then turn into bubbles. 

- Lush, £4.75 The comforter (bubble bar)
I love the smell of this bubble bar.. it smells like sherbet is probably the best way I could describe it..all I know is its pretty great. You do the same with this like the bubble grub. You could probably get 4 baths out of this, it just depends how many bubbles you'd like. 

- Paperchase, £3.00 Parisian note book
I was so excited when I heard there was a paperchase opening in lakeside. So obviously I had to go in there. I was on the  look out for a new notebook to write down my blogging schedule and when I saw this I couldn't resist buying it. I love anything to do with Paris and the fact it had the Eiffel tower on the cover I just had to get it.  The pages inside are just as artistic as the front! 

- Primark, £1.00 Travel bottle set
I was on the look out for things to buy for the festival. When I saw these I thought of all the stuff I could put in there. They are also mini so thats a bonus. It comes with a  handy little case and stickers so you could label the bottles. 

I was pretty happy with all the items I brought today!

Bye for now..J x

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cute day out!

Today I went out with a few friends. Which is kinda weird considering in order to get to our destination we had to get a train...and I really don't do public transport. When we got to the station we were told there was problems with the train line, which meant we had to get a train and then a bus. Although it turned out we had to get 2 trains and a bus to get to the shopping centre. Which was mad! We spent most of our time travelling! But all in all we had a great day. 
When we got there we was starving so we grabbed some food. Me and Evie decided to get some Thai food! I am definitely not adventurous when it comes to trying new things. But she urged me to get some chicken pan thai. IT WAS AMAZING. It was a good choice! But its definitely safe to say I can't use chopsticks to save my life:').

After we ate we went to a few shops like primark, next, newlook, paper chase, boots, forever 21. Although walking around and spending money is thirsty work! So we made a pit stop to costa. 

 Where I obviously brought a peach lemonade.

Our shopping trip was coming to an end and we decided to go grab something to drink..I got a blueberry blast from boost. Which was heavenly.

 When we got to the station we had to get two different trains to get home! Which sucked, but of course we just got on with it. We had a lovely time and will definitely be going again soon!! It was so nice to see the girls and have a catch up.

What did you get up to today?

Bye for now..J x

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 Healthy breakfast recipes!

So, recently I've been on a massive health kick. (it will not last) 
I never normally eat breakfast unless its been made/given to me. So this week I decided I wanted to make up some healthy fun dishes that would ensure I have a sufficient amount of energy throughout the day. 

Breakfast in a jar!

 - 1 cup of plain yogurt
- 2/4 cup of granola
- Handful of blueberries
- 9 grapes
This is relatively easy to make and tastes delicouis!
1: Get a jar or cup
2: Put half of the yogurt into the jar
3: Put the majority of the granola on top of the yogurt
4: Then put add half of the left over yogurt on top of the granola
5: Then put all of the blueberries on that
6: Then put the rest of the yogurt on top
7: Get the grapes and put them along the edge of the jar 
8: Sprinkle the remaining granola into the middle of the yogurt.
9: Refrigerate over night and enjoy in the morning!
The point is to make sure the layers don't mix with each together so I suggest putting the jar in the fridge for a few minutes during the process. 

 Oaty blueberries

 - 1/2 cup of oats 
- 1 cup of almond milk
- 1 handful of blueberries (About 11)
1: Put a saucepan on a low heat on the hob
2: Put the oats into the saucepan
3: Then add the milk and mix
4: Leave to simmer for a minute
5: Mix for a further 2 minutes
6: Once you are happy with the constancy put into a bowl
7: Sprinkle the blueberries onto the porridge
You can also sprinkle cinnamon on top for an extra twang.

Berry blast

- 4 strawberries
- A handful of raspberries ( About 7-8) 
-  A handful of blueberries ( About 9-11)
- Ice
- Apple juice
1: Cut the strawberries in half
2: Put all the fruit into a blender
3: Add the ice
4: Add the juice
5: Blend!
6: Put the smoothie into a glass and add a cute straw!
This smoothie is good when you just want something light but also something that will fill you up and keep you going till lunch time.


- 1/2 cup of plain fat free yogurt
- Half a peach 
- Handful of blueberries (About 9)
- 1/3 cup of granola
 1: Grab a bowl
2: Put the yogurt in first
3: Then cut half a peach into pieces 
4: Put the peach on top of the yogurt
5: Do the same with the blueberries and granola 
6: Get a spoon and eat!
This is so so simple, yet delicious. All of the different flavours and textures counteract with each other and it feels like a bomb of flavour has gone of in your mouth.

 Just fruit?

 - Handful of grapes (About 9) 
- 1 banana 
- Half of an apple
1: Cut the banana and apple into pieces
2: Put on a plate with the grapes
Its quick, on the go and taste great. Its also good when you've not got much in and you just need to eat. You can also switch up the fruit to best suit you.

All of the recipes above are flexible, you can change the fruit/granola/yogurt as much as you like. They are also low in fat and will keep you energised! 
I can't stress how important eating breakfast is for you, it helps your brain get prepared for the day and it also keeps your energy levels up!

I hope you try out these recipes and love them as much as I do!

Bye for now..J x

May favourites

Its that time! May is coming to an end and its finally time to talk about what I've been loving throughout the month. May has gone super fast! Which seems so strange,  it still feels like  January. Its nearly christmas. How scary is that:)!!

Okay I was trying to think about what I've been loving and using/wearing throughout May. This is the little selection of things I wanted to include in this blog!


- Sure, bright bouquet. 
This is a pretty standard normal product in anyone lives. Its pretty boring! But I just love the scent and the way it feels under my arms. I change my deodorant frequently as I get bored so easily..but I love this one! Ive just brought 3 new ones. 

- Red jeans perfume
Okay so, my mum use to wear this perfume! I use to remember smelling it and absolutely loving it. Recently I went out and saw it..i just had to buy it! Throughout the month I've been wearing this religiously. Every single morning id wake up get dressed and put it on. I will defiantly be buying it again next month. 

Bath stuff

- Space girl bath bomb
Of course my favourites post had to feature some lush products. The space girl bath bomb is actually my favourite thing every month!! Ive said in a previous blog post how much I love it..I love it more and more each time I use it to be honest. Its getting weird!! haha. 

- Whoosh shower jelly
This month I've been loving lush's whoosh shower jelly, it smells amazing and it wakes me up on those early mornings!! Its fantastic. 

Body lotions/face products

- Sanctuary five minute thermal detox mask 
I got some of these masks for christmas and i recently decided to use them. I was so happy with the results. The mask basically clarify and cleanses skin, it leaves your skin feeling amazing! Its not a great colour but the results make up for it.

- Sanctuary  illuminating moisture lotion spf 15
This face lotion is the best I've tried hands down. Its designed for sensitive/dry skin, so its perfect for me. Ive defiantly noticed my skin bright up since i started using it. You can also use it on the backs of your hands to help with the dryness. Which is and added bonus! You only have to use a pea size amount, so it will last a considerable amount of time. 

- Sugar crush body lotion
I spoke negatively about some soap and glory products recently. Because of the way it left my skin feeling. Although I've been pleasantly surprised with the sugar crush body lotion. Firstly it smells like sprite! But its not too overwhelming, it also moistures and hydrates my skin. Leaving it feeling a million pounds. It had defiantly changed my opinion for the better.

Lip products

- Breakfast at tiffanys lipgloss
I dont tend to wear makeup although I received a set of these lip glosses from a friend. I love them! Especially this colour, it is  a dark pink and its gloss is extraordinary. It also doesn't smell of anything. Which makes is 100x better.  

- Benefit dandelion lipgloss
My friend uses this lipgloss and raves about it. So when I go round her house I take the chance to use it! I love how it feels on my lips, it not too heavy and its a nice subtle colour.  


I actually have two pairs of earrings I've been loving, although the picture looked terrible! But they are just silver and sparkly! They are small and simple. I wear them most days of the week..i just can't get enough of them.

- Minnies earrings
My mum brought me these from a boutique in Brentwood. They are considered as a statement accessory. Which is a very bold move for me. Although I'm in love with them. They dress up a simple casual outfit which I love. They are actually heavier than the standard pair of earrings, which is the only downside to them. Over than that I love them. 

This is what I've been loving this month, what products have you been loving? Let me know!

Bye for now..J x

Monday, 25 May 2015

Festival must haves 2015

Incase you didn't know i have been lucky enough to be able go to a festival this year! Which is super exciting and hopefully the first of many. Me and a few of the girls will be attending the festival in July. Brownstock is definitely not as big as V but its getting bigger and bigger each year. A lot of famous name such as: lethal bizzle and example will be there. 
Id originally planned to this blog post in July. Although i was to thrilled and decided on doing it now. 

1: A tent

 So the first festival item you must have is obviously a tent!! Well unless you are planning on sleeping on the floor! You only need to buy a tent if you are staying the  duration of the festival like we are! Normally when you go to a festival you just purchase a cheap tent that you leave there when you leave. Thats what we are going to do. You can buy cheap tents anywhere you like really, you can either shop around online or go into stores.

2: Mini toiletries 

- Hand sanitiser
With all the germs and bacteria that will be floating about i think hand sanitiser is a pretty stable need.     

- Dry shower
Me and a friend were looking this stuff up, its amazing! What you do is spray some on yourself and use a flannel or something and lather it up..then you just use a different cloth to take it off. You don't need water or anything. Its so great!! I would recommend buying this if you didn't want to spend time on wiping yourself clean! haha. 

- Batiste dry shampoo
I can not stress enough how important dry shampoo is.
If your hair is anything like mine it gets greasy so quickly, which makes me feel so dirty! As i will not be able to shower buying dry shampoo is at the top of my list of priorities. 
- Mini packets of wipes.
Wipes are a must when sleeping at festivals. 
Firstly you probably won't get a chance to shower and staying in the same environment when your hot and sweaty can be uncomfortable and make you feel very conscious. By taking wipes you are then able to  just clean yourself quickly and efficiently.. Which is better than smelling all weekend!

- Dove mini 
Its small and smells amazing. You can take any deodorant or spray, although i do recommend only taking minis.

The heat, sun and alcohol can only end badly! Therefore you need to be prepared for anything. Whether it may be greasy hair or smelly arm need to make sure you are well equipped for anything. Myself and the girls will be taking mini toiletries, as full sized ones will take up to much room and will be too heavy to carry. 

3: Bum bag

Every girl needs a bum bag! As lame as they sound i think its pretty important to get one. As you can keep any personal items such as money or your phone on you at all times. You also don't want to have to hold  everything because you can't trust leaving your phone in your tent. Bum bags have become so popular over the years. They now sell them in the majority of shops around. They come in many colours and designs. Who says you can't rock a bum bag aye? 

4: Festival kit

I wouldn't say you need this desperately, although it would be handy to have. You can get the kit from anywhere..if you look online you can compare different ones that best suit you. This one is from newlook. It contains; 
- 4 plasters
- 10 3ply tissues
- 1 pair of ear plugs
- 5 flushable toilet seat covers
- 1 collapsible cup
- 1 temporary tattoo
- 1 whistle
- 1 piece of hair chalk. 
I just think its quirky and cute. You would also use most of the items. 

5: Floral crowns

I do not know where and when the hype with floral crowns at festivals started. But I LOVE IT. They are just simply so adorable. You can get floral crowns from any clothes store, they come in many different designs. They looks great too! They go with almost everything. 

6: Rainmac

Knowing my luck it will continuously rain throughout the weekend. So i will defiantly be purchasing a rainmac. Even if the forecast is sunny i believe  you should buy one, just in case. You do not want to be stuck out in the rain with only a pair of shorts and a top on do you! So come prepared. 
Plus you can look totally stylish in a rainmac, you just need to find the right one. 

7: Charging case/power bank

Lets face it phones of today do not last 7 hours, let along 48! As much as we'd like them to they don't.. as you will most probably be in a field there will be no where to plug your mobile in. So id advise getting a charging case or a power bank. They are small, cheap and very handy! You don't want your mobile to die whilst videoing your favourite act..

8: Body art pens

Im sure you've seen all the pictures online of festivals where people are dancing around with paint on there faces and body. This is the alternative, they are body art pens. Firstly they are cheap and actually designed for your body so its a win win! When you are at festivals you just want to have fun so spice your time up with these body art pens! I know i will be.

9: Wellies

- Hunters wellington boot
Wellies are definitely needed when going to a festival. The fields will be trashed and so will your shoes if you don't wear wellies. Plus you wouldn't want mud in your socks now do you..

10: Sunglasses

The worst thing in the world is trying to watch the acts but you can't see because the sun is beaming down into your eyes. So go buy some sunglasses Asap! You can either go high class and get ray bans or just buy a cheap pair from fashion store! 

I hope this has helped you buy all the necessities you may need whilst at a festival. Don't forgot to have fun! 

Bye for now..J x