Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bank holiday weekend!

This weekend in the uk is a bank holiday. So the girls and i thought we should all meet and have some food and a few drinks and just have some time away from stress and revision. So i thought id let you know what we all got upto! 
Saturday morning we met in town and brought some bits and Molly brought us lunch (how cute!) We then all congregated to Ellies house. Some of the girls went out to get food to make dinner. Although me and Molly stayed in and set the table..we may have also watched a few episodes of gossip girl..(accidentally of course;)...) Once the girls got back we had a little sing song and a laugh. We then prepared and cooked chicken fajitas (our dinner tied in with our mexican theme) With dinner we had champagne! (fancy, i know!) After dinner we put the apple strudel in the oven and went outside to catch the sun and to have a well deserved catch up. 
(I really dislike apple strudel, so Chloe gave me an alternative option)

After desert we decided it was time we went we all got ready and took a stroll to meet some friends. We ended up staying out longer than anticipated. But we had a great time.

Walking home felt like i had been walking forever!

When we got back we made Smores..but we make ours different to the traditional American ones. Making Smores is a long and funny process when Ellies is about, she worries a lot and thought the fire would get out of control. Thankfully it all went smoothly and to plan.  
- Two chocolate digestives
- One marshmellow
- Nutella.

After Smores is was getting way to late, so we all got ready for bed and went to sleep. In the morning i was awoken by a jolly Molly and after ten minutes i dragged my butt out of bed and went downstairs. Were we chatted and ate breakfast. 

                                                             -Me, Chloe&Jess.

The morning after is always the hardest part of going out! Once every one had left it was just me and Ellie left, she did my makeup and then i got picked up. 
- Me&Ellie.
If you didn't know I'm my brother finance's maid of honour! (i know, exciting stuff!!) They have decided on bringing their wedding forward, so we went out and looked at dresses and shoes etc. It was lovely to meet up..its all coming together now which is totally amazing! 

 I did try my absolute hardest to get as many pictures along the way as i could, but it was proven to be  a difficult task.  I hope you like this kind of blog post!
Over all i had a perfect weekend. It beats sitting at home doing nothing thats for sure. 
What did you get up to? 

Bye for now..J x 

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