Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Lush product review

Lush is 100% my favourite place to be EVER. (yes capitals is definitely necessary)  I love everything about lush. The overwhelming waft of varies fragrances that hit you when you walk into the shop, the products, the good value for money. I'm not to sure how I came across lush or when my love for lush products began. But I am so glad it did!

Over the years I've tried many different products. Every time I see a lush whilst out shopping I cant stop myself from going in there and stocking up on my favourite products. A product I purchase frequently is the 'space girl' bathbomb. Its my all time favourite lush product.  Purely because its wonderful. It has a sweet scent and the colour of the bathbomb reminds me of parma violet sweets! It also has a red glitter, so once you put it in the water you get a hint of glitter and red. The glitter isn't overpowering either. Its just enough. Apparently the bathbomb has popping crystals in it. However I didn't notice any popping crystals or hear any. Once you've bathed in the bathbomb you get out feeling relaxed and your skin feelings amazingly soft. The bathbomb isnt over priced either, its very good value for money..I definitely recommend the 'space girl' bath bomb to anyone who has just discovered lush or likes more of a subtle scent.

- Space girl bathbomb, £2.35

When I first came across shower jellies I was intrigued. Simply because of the description on the front! But once I had smelt a few of them I was sold. I just had to try one.
When it comes to shower jellies I use to swear by the 'sweetie pie' shower jelly. But recently I went to lakeside with a few friends and of course I went into lush. One of my friends told me I should try out a new shower that's exactly what I did. I decided on getting the 'Whoosh' shower jelly. It smells divine. Its completely different from the 'sweetie pie' one also. 'Sweetie pie' is fruity were as 'Whoosh' is very vibrant and strong. 'Whoosh' is designed for people who need a pick me up whilst just take some out of the pot, put it on your sponge and lather it up. Then you are ready to go! You can also use the shower jellies in your hair too. After using the shower jellies you feel refreshed and ready to start your day. I definitely recommend this product to anyone that is overtired and in need of some help to wake yourself up.

- Whoosh shower jelly, £3.50 100g/ £6.95 240g

(These are all my own genuine opinions. and I decided to do this blog post all own my own. It isn't sponsored at all.)

Id really like to hear what your lush product must haves are!  

Bye for now..J x


  1. I'm always so jealous of lush hauls because I don't have a bath tubs! I would love to try some jellies though! Great post! :D

    1. I don't have a shower!! I'm jealous! We could swap. Haha. Shower jellies are amazing x