Monday, 25 May 2015

Festival must haves 2015

Incase you didn't know i have been lucky enough to be able go to a festival this year! Which is super exciting and hopefully the first of many. Me and a few of the girls will be attending the festival in July. Brownstock is definitely not as big as V but its getting bigger and bigger each year. A lot of famous name such as: lethal bizzle and example will be there. 
Id originally planned to this blog post in July. Although i was to thrilled and decided on doing it now. 

1: A tent

 So the first festival item you must have is obviously a tent!! Well unless you are planning on sleeping on the floor! You only need to buy a tent if you are staying the  duration of the festival like we are! Normally when you go to a festival you just purchase a cheap tent that you leave there when you leave. Thats what we are going to do. You can buy cheap tents anywhere you like really, you can either shop around online or go into stores.

2: Mini toiletries 

- Hand sanitiser
With all the germs and bacteria that will be floating about i think hand sanitiser is a pretty stable need.     

- Dry shower
Me and a friend were looking this stuff up, its amazing! What you do is spray some on yourself and use a flannel or something and lather it up..then you just use a different cloth to take it off. You don't need water or anything. Its so great!! I would recommend buying this if you didn't want to spend time on wiping yourself clean! haha. 

- Batiste dry shampoo
I can not stress enough how important dry shampoo is.
If your hair is anything like mine it gets greasy so quickly, which makes me feel so dirty! As i will not be able to shower buying dry shampoo is at the top of my list of priorities. 
- Mini packets of wipes.
Wipes are a must when sleeping at festivals. 
Firstly you probably won't get a chance to shower and staying in the same environment when your hot and sweaty can be uncomfortable and make you feel very conscious. By taking wipes you are then able to  just clean yourself quickly and efficiently.. Which is better than smelling all weekend!

- Dove mini 
Its small and smells amazing. You can take any deodorant or spray, although i do recommend only taking minis.

The heat, sun and alcohol can only end badly! Therefore you need to be prepared for anything. Whether it may be greasy hair or smelly arm need to make sure you are well equipped for anything. Myself and the girls will be taking mini toiletries, as full sized ones will take up to much room and will be too heavy to carry. 

3: Bum bag

Every girl needs a bum bag! As lame as they sound i think its pretty important to get one. As you can keep any personal items such as money or your phone on you at all times. You also don't want to have to hold  everything because you can't trust leaving your phone in your tent. Bum bags have become so popular over the years. They now sell them in the majority of shops around. They come in many colours and designs. Who says you can't rock a bum bag aye? 

4: Festival kit

I wouldn't say you need this desperately, although it would be handy to have. You can get the kit from anywhere..if you look online you can compare different ones that best suit you. This one is from newlook. It contains; 
- 4 plasters
- 10 3ply tissues
- 1 pair of ear plugs
- 5 flushable toilet seat covers
- 1 collapsible cup
- 1 temporary tattoo
- 1 whistle
- 1 piece of hair chalk. 
I just think its quirky and cute. You would also use most of the items. 

5: Floral crowns

I do not know where and when the hype with floral crowns at festivals started. But I LOVE IT. They are just simply so adorable. You can get floral crowns from any clothes store, they come in many different designs. They looks great too! They go with almost everything. 

6: Rainmac

Knowing my luck it will continuously rain throughout the weekend. So i will defiantly be purchasing a rainmac. Even if the forecast is sunny i believe  you should buy one, just in case. You do not want to be stuck out in the rain with only a pair of shorts and a top on do you! So come prepared. 
Plus you can look totally stylish in a rainmac, you just need to find the right one. 

7: Charging case/power bank

Lets face it phones of today do not last 7 hours, let along 48! As much as we'd like them to they don't.. as you will most probably be in a field there will be no where to plug your mobile in. So id advise getting a charging case or a power bank. They are small, cheap and very handy! You don't want your mobile to die whilst videoing your favourite act..

8: Body art pens

Im sure you've seen all the pictures online of festivals where people are dancing around with paint on there faces and body. This is the alternative, they are body art pens. Firstly they are cheap and actually designed for your body so its a win win! When you are at festivals you just want to have fun so spice your time up with these body art pens! I know i will be.

9: Wellies

- Hunters wellington boot
Wellies are definitely needed when going to a festival. The fields will be trashed and so will your shoes if you don't wear wellies. Plus you wouldn't want mud in your socks now do you..

10: Sunglasses

The worst thing in the world is trying to watch the acts but you can't see because the sun is beaming down into your eyes. So go buy some sunglasses Asap! You can either go high class and get ray bans or just buy a cheap pair from fashion store! 

I hope this has helped you buy all the necessities you may need whilst at a festival. Don't forgot to have fun! 

Bye for now..J x

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