Saturday, 9 May 2015

London protests

I am so confused on why twitter is blowing up over these protests in London. If you don't know what's happening ill give you a brief explanation. After the election on the 8th May the Conservatives were elected to come back in power for another 5 years. Which for some of us is intolerable and now hundreds of people are protesting on downing street against the recent election results.
If you are wondering why I'm so confused at this news is because we ALL knew that if  David Cameron was re elected something as erratic and violent as this would happen. You all should have realised how corrupt our government was ages ago! People are angered about the results and have every right to be! Being under Conservatives rule for another 5 years is going to be torture. Everyone is complaining about the Tories, but most of you let this happen. You've got no one to blame but yourselves. If you actually read their manifestos and polices you would have realised no one is actually for the people. Its just a load of bullshit they say to get you on their side. The politicians that lead you to believe this crap are also the reason why this whole democracy process is wrong and unfair..Why should people be pressured into thinking its good when really it isn't? No one will benefit from any of this but the rich!!  I don't think people have actually realised what voting for Conservatives will do to our country. Therefore they have now acted out against their careless decisions.
The Conservatives spent more in the past 4 years than Labour did in 13!! What does this say about them as a party.
Whilst protesting some disrespect arsehole (to be honest) has vandalised a war memorial. Which is outrageous! I agree with the protest and  its cause, but vandalising something as sacred as that is just taking all the focus away from the actual problem at hand. Especially as the citizens of the UK will be disgusted by this behaviour.

I found out about the protest on twitter, as there was a media blackout. As there was no media coverage there was an outrage on twitter! People demanding why the news hadn't covered any of the goings on. However a few hours after the big media agencies started writing about the protests.

David Cameron will ruin Britain and ruin us. The conservatives cheated and defied democracy. Which is wrong and people shouldn't have to shut up for another 5 years.
So all I can say is I wish I was there and sticking up for us a country. As I am also angry and annoyed at the outcome of the election.
I also hope in the future you will make sure you know all the facts before you just jump on the band wagon.

If you'd like to follow the protests you can go on twitter with the #ToriesOutNow or #GetTheToriesOut 
Bye for now..J x

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