Tuesday, 26 May 2015

May favourites

Its that time! May is coming to an end and its finally time to talk about what I've been loving throughout the month. May has gone super fast! Which seems so strange,  it still feels like  January. Its nearly christmas. How scary is that:)!!

Okay I was trying to think about what I've been loving and using/wearing throughout May. This is the little selection of things I wanted to include in this blog!


- Sure, bright bouquet. 
This is a pretty standard normal product in anyone lives. Its pretty boring! But I just love the scent and the way it feels under my arms. I change my deodorant frequently as I get bored so easily..but I love this one! Ive just brought 3 new ones. 

- Red jeans perfume
Okay so, my mum use to wear this perfume! I use to remember smelling it and absolutely loving it. Recently I went out and saw it..i just had to buy it! Throughout the month I've been wearing this religiously. Every single morning id wake up get dressed and put it on. I will defiantly be buying it again next month. 

Bath stuff

- Space girl bath bomb
Of course my favourites post had to feature some lush products. The space girl bath bomb is actually my favourite thing every month!! Ive said in a previous blog post how much I love it..I love it more and more each time I use it to be honest. Its getting weird!! haha. 

- Whoosh shower jelly
This month I've been loving lush's whoosh shower jelly, it smells amazing and it wakes me up on those early mornings!! Its fantastic. 

Body lotions/face products

- Sanctuary five minute thermal detox mask 
I got some of these masks for christmas and i recently decided to use them. I was so happy with the results. The mask basically clarify and cleanses skin, it leaves your skin feeling amazing! Its not a great colour but the results make up for it.

- Sanctuary  illuminating moisture lotion spf 15
This face lotion is the best I've tried hands down. Its designed for sensitive/dry skin, so its perfect for me. Ive defiantly noticed my skin bright up since i started using it. You can also use it on the backs of your hands to help with the dryness. Which is and added bonus! You only have to use a pea size amount, so it will last a considerable amount of time. 

- Sugar crush body lotion
I spoke negatively about some soap and glory products recently. Because of the way it left my skin feeling. Although I've been pleasantly surprised with the sugar crush body lotion. Firstly it smells like sprite! But its not too overwhelming, it also moistures and hydrates my skin. Leaving it feeling a million pounds. It had defiantly changed my opinion for the better.

Lip products

- Breakfast at tiffanys lipgloss
I dont tend to wear makeup although I received a set of these lip glosses from a friend. I love them! Especially this colour, it is  a dark pink and its gloss is extraordinary. It also doesn't smell of anything. Which makes is 100x better.  

- Benefit dandelion lipgloss
My friend uses this lipgloss and raves about it. So when I go round her house I take the chance to use it! I love how it feels on my lips, it not too heavy and its a nice subtle colour.  


I actually have two pairs of earrings I've been loving, although the picture looked terrible! But they are just silver and sparkly! They are small and simple. I wear them most days of the week..i just can't get enough of them.

- Minnies earrings
My mum brought me these from a boutique in Brentwood. They are considered as a statement accessory. Which is a very bold move for me. Although I'm in love with them. They dress up a simple casual outfit which I love. They are actually heavier than the standard pair of earrings, which is the only downside to them. Over than that I love them. 

This is what I've been loving this month, what products have you been loving? Let me know!

Bye for now..J x

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