Saturday, 30 May 2015

Favourite clothing store Q&A!

So this post is actually a collab with Amy, over at: 
We have decided to do a little Q&A to do with our favourite clothing store Primark. We both tweeted a few days ago asking for you guys to come up with questions we could answer.. This is what you all came up with!

1: If Primark didn't exist what would your favourite shop be?

Id probably say Newlook, I love Newlook and everything about their clothes. They are a lot different to Primark and thats probably why I love both them. 

2: Whats your favourite department in Primark? 

I honestly can't pick, I like the majority of departments there! Including their homeware, sleepwear and clothes. Although I've never actually brought any shoes from I don't think they'd be worth it.

3: Do you think Primark is good value for money?

I think so yes. They are fair for what you're getting. 

4: When was the last time you went to Primark?

On Wednesday actually!

5: Do you think the quality is good/bad?

Well, I wouldn't say its excellent. But I think for what your paying for is acceptable.

6: Whats the customer service like?

I think it alls depends on what store you go to! The ones near my home the staff are lovely. Although every time I visit the store in Lakeside I find the staff are so rude.

7: Do you think the clothes are in trend?

Yes, they frequently change what they in stock to fit the new craze.

8: Do you ever feel guilty after spending a large amount of money in there?

I don't feel guilty when I spend money anywhere! I actually feel the opposite. 

9: Do you think Primark will evolve even more? 

Im not sure.. I think they've reacher their peak to be honest.

10: Do you think the clothes are a good fit?

Well some things yes, but sometimes I have to purchase some clothes a size bigger.

11: Have you ever been put of going in there?

Yes! Once I was in a class at school and we was watching documentaries about slavery and how Primark make young children in under privileged countries spend hours and hours making the clothes. It made me really emotional actually. I was really effected and disheartened.. I had to leave the class. Although I found out it wasn't just Primark that does this, Its also other big companies. But when I thought about it.. I realised they if they didn't have the chance to produce these clothes they would probably be in a worse state. So now I don't feel so bad when I go in there.

12: Do you think they sell a varied amount of stuff in Primark? 

Yes definitely, Primark is a like a little department store.

13: Do you enjoy going in there?

I do when there isn't masses of people in there and when I'm not being rushed!

14: Would you recommend Primark to people who haven't been there before?

Yes defo! Its great. They sell so many different things..

15: Why is Primark your favourite shop?

Because it is just great! They sell everything you could want..dresses,home decor, shoes, underwear, makeup, accessories! Absolutely everything. Its amazing, the prices are so cheap as well! So you don't have to worry about that. I just love going shopping especially when theres a Primark nearby!

I hope you enjoy my blog post and you go over and check out Amy's Q&A post! Because she's great and so is her blog!

Bye for now..J x

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