Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers' Award!

Thank you for the nomination Ellie! I nominate BexEmmaRebecca  and Connie!

The Rules:
1 | Answer the ten questions you have been sent, thanking the blogger who nominated you.
2 | Come up with ten questions of your own.
3 | Nominate up to ten bloggers.

My Answers..

1) If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

Hmm, Id like to be a cat! Living and growing up with cats Ive realised that cats have it so easy..they just sleep, eat and play. I mean how great would that be. Firstly you wouldn't have to do much, I know its not adventurous at all but I think id probably prefer being a cat. They are cute and lovely! What else could you want? 

2) If you could have a magical power what would it be and why that power?

Immortality: The ability to live forever. 
Id like to have that power because I am genuinely scared of death. I love being alive! The thought of death is horrible. I love this world and a lot of people in it..I also want to help make a change in the world. And I wouldn't be about to make a big impact in my small life span! 

3) Your favourite restaurant or fast food?

My favourite restaurant will have to be harvester! I frequently go for family meals or with the girls. The food is delicious and its not over priced.

4) Your most loved brand ?

I keep talking about my favourite shops..I honestly can't pick because I love everything to do with shopping to be honest! But if I was to choose it would most probably be Lush..I love the store and products so much! 

5) Something on your bucket list and why it's on there?

My bucket list is very long! Haha, one of the things id like to do is 'Go help at a fashion week' Whether its in Milan, Paris, London anywhere..I so want to help! The whole concept of helping with such a international event is exciting. Id love to be part of that!

6) Pepsi or coke? 

I don't like coke much, so definitely pepsi.

7) A country that you would like to visit and why?

Paris!! There is a endless list of reasons why I want to go to Paris. The food, the attractions, the shopping, disney! Every aspect of Paris is just perfect. Even the smelly people I keep hearing about! Id be so excited to just go for a day.  

8) Favourite fruit? 

Blueberries..I only come to this conclusion today actually. 

9) Star sign? 

My star sign is Libra.

10) A film that you would recommend and why?

Breakfast at Tiffanys! It funny, romantic and I could never get sick of it! I just love it. The cast is magnificent and the storyline is amazing. 

Questions for the nominees

1: If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently? 
2: What is your favourite childhood memory?
3: What does a perfect day look like to you?
4: If you could witness any event in the past what would it be? 
5: Who do you most admire in life?
6: Whats your favourite novel? 
7: If you won the lottery what would you do with the money and why?
8: What are you most afraid of?
9: What is your strongest personality trait? 
10: If you were the president what is the first thing you'd do? 

Bye for now..J x

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