Thursday, 11 June 2015

Party planning

Incase you didn't know I'm the maid of honour for my brothers wedding. And I've been enlisted to plan the hen do! Which is super cool. Im so excited! But its soooo hard thinking about appropriate activities for everyone. You have to think about everyone and every little detail.  However I have so many great ideas.            

Growing up I've always been interested in events and this is probably the best thing for me. Although I don't think ill take event planning up as a profession, its so stressful!! 
Making sure everyone can make the chosen date, supplying the right type of food, making sure the venue is right, ensuring it will be a memorable night. Making sure I have all these little details in place to make up the night is exciting though. I can't wait!! Eeek.

But the hardest part of planning this event is not telling the bride! Although its probably a good choice so it  can all be a surprise to her. I will not be telling her a thing, which is probably irritating her!! Hahah.

Now I've finished school I can put the majority of  my attention/time into making sure this party runs smoothly and efficiently! 

Today we spent the morning writing out the invitations for the wedding with her grandad..and we ate lunch and cake in the conservatory which was so cute! I can't believe its all finally coming together.   

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Bye for now..J x

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