Monday, 8 June 2015

My accessory wishlist!

Recently I've been loving all kinds of different accessories! I thought id share with you all what accessories id love to own.

1: Aldo Paris clutch- Asos:  Okay, so I was scrolling through asos and I came across this clutch! I literally fell in love with it there and then. Mostly because its Parisian, but I just also love its shape and its so unique. Ive never seen a clutch like this before. Which is so appealing to me. I love the colours too, they are so warm and inviting. 

2: Reins leather purse- Asos: This purse is so different to what I normally go normal purses are big and elaborate. Although this is just so simply and I really like it! What screams buy me with this purse is the little triangle detail. Its adorable! Its so simple but I just love it. 

3: Heat necklace- Forever 21: I never really wear necklaces, although when I do they are sparkly and big. I really love this necklace. Its got the sparkle factor and its a heart. At the moment I'm just loving simple things! Haha.

4: Is it Friday yet? phone case: This is literally my whole process Monday to Thursday. I love weekends. I also like to change my mobiles fashion accessory frequently. So I will most probably be purchasing this in the future.

5: Faux stone cuff- Forever 21: I don't tend to wear any bracelets/cuffs. Just my pandora bracelet. And Id really like to change that. I love the detailing of this cuff, the small band and the squared stone. I especially love the colour..

6: Black cut out lace up platform heels- Newlook: I really love these heels. The way they are cut, the fact you have to lace them up! Its just so different to normal slip on heels.

7: Giraffe charm necklace- Forever 21: This necklace is super cute! I just love it! I love how theres two little giraffes connected to each other. 

8: Black satchel bag- Michael kors: I think every girl dreams of owning there own Michael Kors bag some time or another. Ive been dreaming of owning one for years and years. Firstly they are gorgeous, secondly have you seen the quality! They are just the perfect bag. And I am in desperate need of one! 

9: Crown ring- Pandora: The girls brought me the bracelet, so now Id really like a ring to add to the collection. I really like this one. Its so cute and I really like the little rhinestone in the middle of the crown. And as I can't own a real crown this ring is the next best thing right?

10: Sunglasses- Raybans: Summers approaching and I've been looking at a lot of different sunglasses..although I decided id like to buy sunglasses I might as well go higher end and buy some that will actually work and last. Im not very adventurous when it comes to sunglasses, so standard black ones are the ones for me! 

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Bye for now..J x

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