Saturday, 6 June 2015

Edible photo cupcakes!

This is the most exciting post EVER. Yesterday I received the most amazing package. A company called Eat your photo had sent me 12 cupcakes. I love cupcakes so you could probably imagine my delight. I opted for the chocolate cupcakes with an Eiffel tower photo on the top and I am so glad I did they are delicious. The cupcakes were boxed perfectly, none of the cupcakes were damaged during transit either. So I was very impressed. When they came to my front door and I had to sign for them I squealed in delight I was so excited. They also didn't take long to come so they are great for occasions. 

The first thing I noticed whilst inspecting the yummy treats was the quality of the image. It's amazing! It's so clear, the colours are all right and It's not blurred like other edible photos I've had before. Which was a definetely a plus. 
I chose the Eiffel tower picture however you can choose whatever photo you'd like. 

When I look for cupcakes I like to have cupcakes that separates from the case easily, which they did! I was so surprised. The cupcakes are also moist and full of flavour. Which I didn't expect at all.  The cupcakes were completely different to what I expected. (which is a good thing!) When trying them I was rather hesitant, although I was definitely pleasantly surprised with how good the product actually is! They taste amazing.. I honestly can't describe how tasty they actually are, you'll just have to go buy some and find out for yourself!

I think I'd go far to say they are probably one of the best cupcakes I've tried! 
Id highly recommend you going to purchase these right now! They are so yummy you can't not!! 
You can visit there website for more details.
For 12 cupcakes It's only £20! (I know I know its so great value for money). Or you can buy more/less. 

Overall I'm very impressed with these cupcakes. They are everything you want In a cupcake!

If you'd like to check the site out click the link below: 

Bye for now..J x

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