Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Smoothie madness!

We are finally half way through the week. Which means its nearly the weekend!
Last year my mum brought a ninja blender from QVC. It was probably one of my favourite things she has ever brought. I love it! Throughout that month I went through a craze of loving smoothies. As summer is rapidly approaching I thought id share with you all some of my favourite smoothies!

Smoothie 1:

- 1 banana
- Handful of red grapes
- Ice
This was the first smoothie I made! As I didn't have much fruit in the house at the time I just worked with what I had and it was successful. This is definitely on my list of  top 5 smoothies.

Smoothie 2:
- 4 strawberries
- A handful of raspberries ( About 7-8)
-  A handful of blueberries ( About 9-11)
- Ice
- Apple juice
I really like these fruits on there own, but I also liked them in liquid form to! Although I'm not sure about the apple juice. It didn't really fit with the berry theme.
Smoothie 3: 
- 2 bananas
- A handful of raspberries
- Ice
This smoothie is rather simple but tasty!

Smoothie 4:
-1 banana
- One Satsuma
I was hesitant with trying this one. As I wasn't sure whether the flavours would mix. I was pleasantly surprised! It tasted incredible. It was totally different to what I ordinarily thought it would be like. I was most surprised.
With the smoothies I made I realised you can be  flexible with the amount of fruit you put in. These recipes are suited to my taste and likes. Therefore you can change them up if you'd like to. Each smoothie I made was also  two if you were to make one for just yourself you could take some fruit away.  
All the smoothies are refreshing and healthy, you can also make the beverages at any stage of the year. Especially during summer time when you want something cold and fulfilling but not to heavy.
I also made smoothie ice pops. I did the same thing but instead of drinking it I put them in some ice pop moulds and popped them in the freezer! They made great healthy snacks and are good if you wanted to grab something you'd already prepared.
 I hope you liked this type of blog.
Bye for now..J x