Thursday, 14 May 2015

Yankee candles vs primark candles

So, my obsession for a good smelling candle is pretty insane. For my birthday and christmas i am bombarded with different smelling candles and i am so happy about that!
 Recently I purchased some candles from primark whilst on the hunt for new things for my bedroom. After using them i decided i wanted to review them and some of my favourite yankee candle scents.
- Watermelon lemonade, £1.00 (primark)
In the shop this smelt a lot better, the candles name also makes it even more appealing..but i think i was just overwhelmed with all these different smells. Once i got this home i was disappointed, it doesn't smell of anything to be honest. It just smells like a standard candle. Which is annoying. Although i will continue to burn it and use it up.
- Appletini, £1.00 (primark)
This is my favourite scent from the primark collection, it smells divine. It smells exactly like sweet apples. Which puts me in a great mood. Whilst burning the candle the aroma disperses all around the room and even once its been blown out the room is left smelling amazing! 
- Lemon verbena, £1.00 (primark)
The lemon verbena scent isn't really anything special in my opinion. You'd expect it to be sour although its extremely sweet. The candle doesn't really give of any fragrance whilst its burning. Which is lets it down really, when buying a candle you want the candle to leave and impression and smell great..but unfortunately this candle doesn't do it for me.
- Sugared apple (Yankee candle)
The sugared apple smells like sugary goodness! I think this is one of my favourite scents from yankee candle! (i can see an apple theme here!) When burned the candle smells like candle apples. Its just fantastic. But i believe yankee candle only release this scent at christmas time. Which is great because the scent fits the season perfectly. 
- Fireside treats, £7.99. (Yankee candle)
Im loving this candle at the moment. If you closed your eyes whilst burning this you could probably imagine yourself round a fire making smores and having a laugh, its that realistic. At first this candle make me feel sick because of how strong the scent was. It was overpowering. However after burning it a few times i couldn't get enough. 

Overall i think yankee candle has my vote.. 
with yankee candles can you choose from a variety of sizes and scents. Whereas the primark is very standard and not developed yet. A fault with the yankee candles are some people may consider they are over priced. But i think they are just right for what you are getting. You get a great smelling candle that leaves the whole house smelling amazing! What else could you want! 
On the other hand you can't really fault the primark collection if you just wanted a standard candle to add personality and decoration to the room. You can't really complain as they are only cheap. But for me they don't really tick the right boxes.

If you were to buy  a candle id advise you too shop around because there are so many places that sell good quality candles. You jut have to look!

(These are all my own opinions..)

Bye for now..J x

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