Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Homeware haul

I don't know about you, but my bedroom is my sanctuary..the majority of the tasks I complete are within my bedroom. Its like my little place to hide out and shut myself away from the rest of the world!
I have been contemplating on whether or not to update my bedroom. Although I have being delaying doing so. My reasoning behind this is because of my the size of my bedroom. Having the 'box' room in my house has made updating my room rather difficult. These past few months I have been looking around and ordering different items I think will help to make my bedroom look more homely and personal. I have purchased items  from primark, next and amazon.
The first thing I purchased was a 'LOVE' plaque.
-Primark, £2
I thought this was an absolute bargain. I as extremely happy with it. It not takes pride of place on my chest of draws. Behind the sign is some yankee candles my friend got me for Christmas!

Heart shaped cushion!
-Primark, £4.00
I also got the matching grey throw from primark, it cost £6.00. Both are so soft!

Owl plaque.
- Next £5.00
When I saw this at next home I was so excited. Its just so adorable!
Square plaque
-Primark, £3.00
I brought this because of past situations, I thought it was very fitting.

Scented candles
-Primark, £1.00
I absolutely love scented candles! I cant get enough of them, I've never brought any from primark before so I decided that it was time I did. My usual candles are from either Yankee candles or candles I've been gifted. The candle scents I brought were: Watermelon lemonade, applemartini and lemon. They also did bigger sized candles, although I thought it would be more appropriate to purchase the littler size.

I have also purchased 2 items online that haven't been delivered yet. However I will leave the links below in case you wanted to check them out!:)

 Heart shaped fairy lights
-Amazon, £8.99
When I saw these I squealed with excitement! I just have so many places in my bedroom where I can drape these and make it all cosy.
                                                                       Jewellery hanger
                                                                      -Amazon, £9.67
I wouldn't say I have a 'theme' for my bedroom..its more if I like it I buy it.
I will continue to buy more little bits and bobs for my bedroom so I am able to update my bedroom decor.
If you have any recommendations regarding home decor don't hesitate to comment your suggestions!
Bye for now..J x