Monday, 4 May 2015


Okay, so if you know me personally you should know my passion for all things politics. A couple of months ago our school hosted assemblies for parliamentary candidates to come in and talk to our year.  I was intrigued and excited. After the representatives spoke for their parties. It soon came apparent that I was definitely more into labour and what they stand for. However my loathing for UKIP grew..

Going into the assemblies I didn't want to discriminate or single out any of the parties on any previous experiences. I did this so I could figure out exactly how I felt about each of them and their policies. But UKIP threw it over the edge for me..The local candidate was ignorant, impolite and crude. I didn't enjoy his presence at all. After he left I sent him an email, informing him on the bad impression he had left. Even over the internet he still managed to get under my skin. He was his normal rude, sexiest self. I decided to research more on the party and the people involved. After doing so I was even more appalled and angered by the way these people decided to use their power.

As the general election is fast approaching id like to give you some reasons on why not to vote for UKIP.
1. 'Nigel Farage on women "no employer with a brain in the right place would employ a young, single, free women
Firstly id just like to express how simply stupid this statement is!! Why should gender and age affect a persons ability to work?
2. 'UKIP want to scrap paid maternity leave.'
3. 'UKIP want to make it legal for employers to discriminate on the basis of gender and race.'
Again what is up with these people! What are we back in the 19th century..  Women like the suffragettes didn't fight on countless occasions to get equal rights for women to just be thrown out the window because of commands made by Nigel Farage.
4. 'This would also entail the scrapping of employment regulations against sexual harassment  and safeguards for part time and irregular workers, the majority of which are women.'
This disgusts me. How can any human with a brain and a conscious agree with this!
5. 'Patrick O’Flynn, MEP Candidate, also say that pregnant women in the workplace are a disaster.'
Can someone please remind these men they all have mothers and female relatives. I really don't understand their thought process whilst thinking up these absolutely ridiculous policies..

I don't know about you, but I believe the world belongs to no one. So why should UKIP influence others into thinking its okay to discriminate against  people because of their age, gender and race.

As an independent young WOMEN. (emphasis on the women) I will continue to urge other women around me to not vote UKIP.

Who will you be voting for? Let me know!:)

Bye for now..J x


  1. I totally agree, we need to embrace our diverse country. we don't need that modern day hitler taking control :) x

    1. Glad to see your on board with me! hahah x

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    1. Hey! im not sure what that means! But thank you x