Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mini lakeside haul

 I was planning on buying so much stuff at lakeside yesterday, although my mood was dampened with the whole train situation. So I decided to buy a few things yesterday. I decided I wanted to share with you what I did buy. 

- Primark, £5.00 short pj set
Whenever I make a trip to lakeside I always seem to buy a set of new pj's.. although I have to choose wisely, as I only like the feeling of some fabrics. I decided on buying these 'tweet me' pjs shorts and top. Both have little chicks on them with the phrase 'tweet me' on them. They are so adorable! Im really into twitter at the moment. So that probably contributed to my decision on buying them. They are a stretchy material and they are so soft! I love them, I can't wait to wear them. 

- Primark, £3.00 pj shorts
I really really love these shorts..although I had mixed feelings about the top. So I just brought the shorts. They are light weight and the material feels like a cheaper version of silk if I'm honest. What drew me to the shorts were the little bit of lace at the bottom. Its so vintage! I also love the little white hearts. Its also getting hotter, so I am in desperate need of pj shorts. 

- Lush, £2.35 Space girl bath bomb
Going to lush is like a tradition when I go to lakeside. I just have to go..I honestly can't stop myself. Every time I go to lush I immediately go to find the space girl bath bomb. As you are probably aware its my favourite lush product EVER. If you don't know what a bath bomb is you basically run a bath then pop it into the bath and let it fizz away! Then you are left with coloured and lovely smelling water. Its that simple. 

- Lush, £3.35 Granny takes a dip (bath bomb)
I brought this bath bomb on my last trip to lush and I like it a lot. Its got a very subtle scent and I really like it! Because when I'm overwhelmed with one smell it makes me feel sick. So this is just perfect. Its so big! So I normally cut into 4 pieces, as I feel its too much for just one bath. 

- Lush, £2.95 Bubblegrub (bubbleroon)
I didn't actually buy this for myself. Which is surprising..I actually brought it for my mum. I remember her telling me she liked it last time I brought it for her so I got it again. It smells different to the others. They are all sweet but this smells so different. Its a very sandalwoody smell. Bubbleroons are designed to make your bath into bubbly goodness. Which is exactly what it does. It has two layers, so you pull them apart and break a piece off and then crumble it under running water. It will then turn into bubbles. 

- Lush, £4.75 The comforter (bubble bar)
I love the smell of this bubble bar.. it smells like sherbet is probably the best way I could describe it..all I know is its pretty great. You do the same with this like the bubble grub. You could probably get 4 baths out of this, it just depends how many bubbles you'd like. 

- Paperchase, £3.00 Parisian note book
I was so excited when I heard there was a paperchase opening in lakeside. So obviously I had to go in there. I was on the  look out for a new notebook to write down my blogging schedule and when I saw this I couldn't resist buying it. I love anything to do with Paris and the fact it had the Eiffel tower on the cover I just had to get it.  The pages inside are just as artistic as the front! 

- Primark, £1.00 Travel bottle set
I was on the look out for things to buy for the festival. When I saw these I thought of all the stuff I could put in there. They are also mini so thats a bonus. It comes with a  handy little case and stickers so you could label the bottles. 

I was pretty happy with all the items I brought today!

Bye for now..J x

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