Monday, 11 May 2015

My Sunday night routine

I love Sundays! Purely because its a day where i can chill out and prepare myself for the long week ahead. To prepare myself for the week i like to have a mini pampering session, where i wind down and relax. 

The first thing i like to do is run myself a hot bath. I normally put whatever bath bomb i have in my basket in my bath. Which takes me an unreal amount of time because i just want to chuck everything in! The bath bomb i decided on today was the centre of my 'granny takes a dip'  bath bomb from lush. As it was a huge bath bomb i separated it so i could have more baths out of it. 
After i run my bath i wanted to burn my current favourite candle, to help me relax. The candle I'm loving at the moment is yankee candles 'fireside treats' It smells amazing! 

Once i get into my bath i normally have either my iPad/laptop on the side where i either do some blogging or catch up on some youtubers latest videos. I then wash and condition my hair, at the moment I'm  using l'oreal elvive smooth intense for frizzy/dry hair. I tend to change my shampoo/conditioner once I've used both up. As i find my hair gets to use to my current shampoo. I then wash my body with my current shower gel or body wash. At the moment I'm using up my limited addition 'snow fairy' shower gel from lush. I fricking love this shower gel! Its smells like candy and its glittery! What else could you want from a shower gel. I wish lush sold it all year round. 
Whilst in the bath i also do a face mask to help my skin repair its self from all the harsh things that may affect my skin during the week. Today i used body shops 'vitamin e sink in moisture mask' This mask helps restore my skins optimum moisture level. You aren't really meant to use it in the bath, but I thought by doing my facemask in my bath it would give me an excuse to stay in the bath for longer.
Once I've got out the bath i apply some body lotion/butter.. Today i used my body shop peach body butter. I used this one as its designed to hydrate dry skin. As i get eczema i find my skins gets really dry easily. 
Once I've moisturised my skin i put some pj's on and spray some deodorant under my arms. 
After I've got dressed I like to have some me time. Where i curl up with a blanket and do something i enjoy. Today i painted my nails. For my base coat i used barry m's 'passion fruit' for my index finger i used maybellines 'glitter it' I love this combination. I think its simply gorgeous. I also started reading a new book. I decided on 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' by John Green. 
After I've done everything it normally gets to time where its acceptable to get into bed. So i use my soap and glory 'hand food' hand cream and put my favourite lip balm on my lips and jump into bed. 
I then spent a couple of hours surfing the internet and watching netflix. It got to about 11:30 and i thought it was about time i actually went to sleep. 

(I am aware that it is Monday and this blog is late, but I've had some issues with my internet! I am so sorry)

So thats what i like to do, what do you normally do to get ready for the week?

Bye for now..J x

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