Monday, 4 May 2015

Bank holiday Monday

 Its Monday! A fresh start, a new chance to forget all last weeks worries and drama! Luckily for me and everyone else in the UK today was a bank holiday. So that could only mean one thing, going out for food and spending money!

I decided that I wanted to blog what I got up to today.

What I wore;
- Grey short cropped tee, New look.
- Pink patterned scarf, Primark.
- Black cardigan, H&M.

As it was a bank holiday my parents had the day off! So we decided to get up early and go for breakfast. Initially we wanted to go to Toby Carvery. But we ended up going to the Harvester. We had a mix of continental breakfast and cooked. After we made our way into town to carry out some errands.

Whilst we were in town we made a necessary trip to costa! I got a peach lemonade (my all time favourite)


  We also went to our local pets at home. They have this adorable kitten range and I couldn't resist buying a few things for the kittens. Especially now they are running around like crazy now!

- Baby Bea Mouse Flattie Kitten Toy, £3.00
- Baby Bea Squeaking Mouse Kitten Toy. £3.00
- Baby Bea kitten nibbles, 79p
- Giant rattle ball, £1.50

 Whilst we were out I brought a new 13inch  MacBook air!
EEK!! I literally cant contain my excitement. I can not wait until its delivered.

When we got home I had to take my cardigan off! It was so hot outside. So I took advantage of the heat and sat outside in the garden with the kittens. During my time outside I caught up on some reading. I felt completely relaxed and happy!:)
My day was definitely a step up from my normal routine of sleeping and lounging around! For the rest of the day I plan to get some revision done.  
I hope you like this type of blog!
Bye for now..J x


  1. wow , I really like your blog. maybe we could colab some time :)